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Equity Statistics (as of 3/31/2008)
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Equity Statistics (as of 3/31/2008)

100,000,000 authorized shares


1,000,000 preferred shares


18,655,697 outstanding shares


3,190,182 current shares in float


AHI (a division of ESP) was the sixth largest home inspection company in America at the time of acquisition.


Unlike AHI's competitors Amerispec, Pillar to Post, Housemaster Etc. AHI has focused from the very beginning on integrating household environmental testing services into the inspection process and became the undisputed leader in the field.


A Google search of “environmental testing” or “household environmental testing” finds AHI organically on the first page and its competitors not even included in the 970,000 other listings.


AHI has further distanced itself from the competition by moving away from the transactional marketplace which represents only 3.5% of the housing stock to offering its unique suite of environmental services to every household in America.


May 2007 ESP/AHI positions itself to lead the household environmental testing industry nationally, further distancing itself from inspection franchise companies by formally commit to a new direction for the CEHI program



Discontinues selling franchises with exclusive territories



Commits to conducting marketing and sales on behalf of the CEHI's changing the business paradigm from a franchisor/franchisee relationship collecting 10% of the franchisees gross revenues the inspector reports to a contractor subcontractor relationship collecting 100% of all the fees generated by the work of the CEHIs and paying them a fixed agreed-upon fee



Broadens service offering to include allergen screening, energy inspections, neighborhood environmental reports, and radon testing allowing for greater market appeal



Begins developing a training program allowing CEHIs to be certified by highly credible national organizations like EPA’s NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) for the expanded services
o Begins work on software to support CEHIs in the field



**CMI software ensures uniformity and facilitates the capture significant data from the millions of homes being inspected by CEHI’s



Begins developing sales team to negotiate contracts with potential CEHI’s and build the army of investigators needed to perform CEHI services determines that 3000 CEHI’s providing services within three to four years will satisfy market need

Presently the 38,000 inspectors compete to supply services to those homes involved in transaction process, representing only 4 to 5 million homes annually or about 3.5% of all housing stock in the country. The CEHI marketing program is turning every household in America, all 120 million, into its market by making allergen screening, mold testing, energy inspections and moisture management inspections affordable for the average homeowner.

3,500 CEHI’s in three to four years will each conduct an average of 330 inspections annually (based on typical workload capabilities for inspectors currently) totaling more than one million inspections per year. At an average price of $295 for each inspection $300 million in annual revenues is an attainable goal and presents an attractive value proposition. In addition to the gross revenues and perhaps of greater value is the data regarding the age, type of all aspects of a home’s components and appliances. This unprecedented wealth of data will be accumulated and stored in the ESP server.


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