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Mission Statement

Since 1994, Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (“ESP”) a California-based, Nevada Corporation, through its various acquisitions has offered environmental services for addressing Mold and Moisture Intrusion and the associated acute or chronic issues that impact the Interior Air Quality of commercial and residential buildings.

Environmental Service Professionals’ mission is to support hard-working American families who wish to buy or rent an affordable, safe and efficient home in the community of their choice.

ESP will:

  • enhance the real-estate community stakeholders’ policies and procedures to ensure good management and good physical condition to those properties that have gone through the ESP program.

  • serve as a major resource of employment and business opportunities to veterans through access to approved high quality, comprehensive re-training in an environment that fosters trust, respect, commitment, compassion and excellence.

  • enable our customers to meet their asset management goals and objectives by providing safety, health and environmental management services in a responsive and cost effective manner.

Vision Statement

  • The stakeholders in the real-estate community will seek out ESP for assistance in achieving their goals.

  • Partners will provide a healthy, safe and environmentally sound community of buildings.

  • ESP will be partners with their customers and work to exceed their expectations.

  • Safety, health and environmental protection will be integrated into our partners’ culture.


 The annual costs associated with the lawsuits, additional health care including medical emergencies, construction and remediation costs surrounding mold and moisture issues are real and staggering!